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week 22/2020

how do you like the looks of these mustard greens? 


old fashioned mustard, mizuna, ruby streaks, Frizzy Lizzy, purple giant, golden frills …
but all baby and all crisp
to beef up your salad mix or stir fry

or do you prefer arugula?


           still going strong: young celery, fennel bulbs, kohlrabi, head lettuce

if you have not yet tried my beloved weed lambs quarters,
you do not know what you are missing out on!
imagine a ‘spinach’ packed with nutrients and minerals, that can bear summer heat,
hence will be available until first frost
and does lack the metallic after taste of ‘real’ spinach


we will attend Suwanee Farmers Market again next Saturday  May 30st, 8-12

so there will be no veggie pick up on Saturday

looking forward to seeing you here or in Suwanee

your humble veggie gardener