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week 32/2020

shoot, time moves so fast

these are NOT tomatoes, they are Feher peppers, small, sweet and very thick fleshed,
my mama’s favourite


tomatoes are still producing like crazy, especially the yellow roma and the red cocktail

how about my bright red + shiny shishito peppers?
oh, I already asked that last week?
well then, my solution to my overproduction is simple, dehydrate,
reconstitute in winter stews or grind into a spicy but not hot paprika-style powder


this year for summer greens I grow lambsquarters, New Zealand spinach, malabar spinach and red and green gongura


for the moment my garden is still ‘stuck’ in summer mode,
enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, figs, blueberries
while you can

as always: please do not forget my
jams, jellies, spices, dehydrated herbs and veggies in the market

have a wonderful week and see you soon,
your humble gardener